Expertise and Capabilities


Bates Surface Solutions has been a leader in surface-coated building products since 1953. As high-volume industrial coaters, we service some of the largest companies in the New Zealand building industry.

We are the most experienced roll and curtain coatings company in the country and one of the biggest UV coaters by volume in Australasia. We offer economies of scale and batch production, and deliver to a consistently high quality.

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Different substrates

We have the expertise and equipment to apply a wide range of finishes to most panel substrates. Panels can be hardboard, fibre cement, MDF, particleboard, plywood, or new products such as magnesium board; most panels are up to 1.2mm wide and 3m long. Our products are used in residential, commercial, and industrial construction across Australasia.


Innovation in surface coatings

Bates was an early adopter of UV paint technology, with our first major technology purchase made back in the 1980s. The skills we have developed in the intervening 30 years have seen us set the benchmarks in New Zealand for finish quality. We have highly experienced applicators and a network of international technical partners keeping us at the cutting edge of UV paint technology.


Conventional coatings

We also run a conventional two-pot lacquer coatings plant for exterior products or products that don’t justify the extra expense of a UV finish. This technology has also changed over the years, and 60 years’ experience in roll and curtain coating means we have an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise in this system.


Future focus

Our ongoing focus on future proofing, product durability, eco-friendliness, and design keeps us at the forefront of coatings innovation. When you work with Bates Surface Solutions, you’ll enjoy the confidence and benefits of working with New Zealand’s largest and most respected coatings applicator.



Company founding

Bates Surface Solutions was established in Penrose, Auckland in 1953 by Kiwi entrepreneur Arthur Joseph Bates.

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The automotive spray painter and motorcycle mechanic was distinguished as one of the best painters in town, sought after by luxury car owners. A natural curiosity for technology and invention led him to devise a unique approach to spraying and to experiment with other substrates.

When redesigning his kitchen at home, an imported pre-painted panel caught his eye. He purchased hardboard for the project, grooved it to look like tiles, and spray-painted the surface in a 1950s eggshell blue. The stylish result inspired his move into pre-coated wall linings for use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. He opened at 205 Station Road, Penrose, just down the road from New Zealand Forest Products, who made the hardboard.

The company quickly grew, took on some large contracts, developed new products of its own, and expanded plant. Arthur’s sons Robert and Ronald Bates joined the company in the 1960s. Robert built new equipment and they expanded into panel fixing accessories. With this greater capability, and the growing volume of work, they became the largest architectural product coaters in the country.

Today, the business operates from the same site on Station Road, and is now managed by the third generation of the Bates family.


Andre Bates

CEO (joint) Operations and
Research Development


Andrew Nixon

CEO (joint) Sales and Finance


Cassandra Bates


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Robert Bates

Executive Director, Research and Design


Denese Bates, QC

Executive Director

Kassim Al-joubory

Kassim Al-joubory

R&D, Quality and Tech Manager


Juliana Wahab

Juliana Wahab


Tony Parsonage

Tony Parsonage

Production Planner / Buyer Manager 


Neil Campbell